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UCLA student launches hand-drawn sticker pack on App Store

Third-year design media arts student Maddy Pease designed her first sticker pack this summer using Crayola markers and Adobe Photoshop. The iOS sticker pack is inspired by inside jokes and pet names between her and her friends, with bright colors and hand drawn animations. (Andrew Arifin/Daily Bruin) The stickers feature pet names and inside jokes between the two, such as a sticker with the phrase “baby boo,” written in a bright, pear-green color. The pair uses the phrase as a nickname for each other. “These things I say literally on the daily, and that was the whole point,” Pease said. “All of these (stickers) have stories behind them.” Pease and her friends constantly send each other stickers from the pack, and Vaccaro said she uses Pease’s sticker pack regularly, even with people who don’t know Pease personally. Pease began developing her sticker pack by sketching designs with the arts and crafts supplies at her work. She then took pictures of them with her phone and used Adobe Photoshop to color and animate them. “It’s all hand-drawn, which is what I like and I use that in all of my work,” she said. “I think hand-drawn typology has a very organic and beautiful feel to it – something that you can’t get when you type or with most typefaces.” Pease said she also experimented with different color combinations, discovering new color schemes she now uses in her artwork, including a hot-pink and pear-green combo present throughout the sticker pack that she later used while designing her personal resume. Pease said although the design process went smoothly, the technological side of creating the sticker pack was a bit more difficult. Pease used online tutorials to learn the basics of Xcode, a software used to develop apps and app extensions. She also consulted her sister’s friend Ryan McLeod, an independent app designer and developer, who helped her program the pack to work properly on iMessage and figure out the logistics of getting the sticker pack into the App Store.

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